Lone Star Analysis, is a trusted provider of leading-edge predictive and prescriptive analytics, and Evolved AI®. Lone Star is proud to announce its recognition as a Platinum honoree at the 2023 Military & Aerospace Electronics Innovators Awards.

“MRO is one of the toughest analysis challenges in aviation,” said Steve Roemerman, Lone Star’s Chairman. “Our team created a predictive and prescriptive solution which improves MRO efficiency and process management. MaxUp MRO2TM was the result of these efforts, and our commitment to invest in the solution.”

Lone Star Analysis has been at the forefront of aerospace and defense innovation. The Platinum award recognizes the groundbreaking contribution of their innovative solution, MaxUp MRO2TM. The solution enables improved forecasting accuracy, improved workflow, shorter MRO cycle times, better labor utilization, and improved capacity foresight.

MaxUp MRO2TM is currently in use supporting U.S. Naval Aviation. The solution is slated for expanding deployment across the Navy’s Fleet Readiness Centers.