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Competitive Analytics & Pricing

In-depth, objective understanding and

awareness for critical competitions.

Lone Star® leads the market in helping clients gain high-quality market and competitive intelligence. We allow them to maintain a competitive edge in their markets and make educated business decisions. Our expertise, processes, and unique tools ensure that our clients are accurately positioned to pursue & win new business, optimize relationships with current customers, and make market entry and exit decisions.

Competitive Analytics & Pricing Solutions

Competitive Analytics & Pricing can be defined by these areas:

We deliver insightful analysis, advice, and pricing support to provide high confidence answers for critical business processes. Generated through our unique Competitive Intelligence capabilities, strategic pricing evaluation, and specialized pricing simulation tool: TruPredict®.

With each engagement Lone Star® delivers the following:
• More robust understanding of the competitive environment
• Improved understanding of customer requirements and risk
• Enhanced win strategies
• Documented and defensible pricing estimates
• Improved Probability of Win (Pwin)

Lone Star® provides a variety of training programs in competitive pricing & intelligence, critical processes & best practices, as well as exposure to real world experiences. These courses are meant to improve internal quality and capabilities.

Lone Star® perform exhaustive, client driven market research and reporting to help our clients make difficult business decisions in markets full of uncertainty.
Our reports are created based on specific client objectives, but commonly include forecasting, segmentation, market sizing, key competitor identification, amongst others.

Our Competitive Intelligence products and techniques guide clients to make better strategic decisions. We use a comprehensive strategy to collect CI data through internet searches, proprietary database mining, and human intelligence. This data is then evaluated, validated, and applied where seen necessary, in order to uncover competitors strengths, weaknesses, and tendencies.

We collect detailed and holistic information on our client’s customers to gain greater insights of potential opportunities, threats, and tendencies.
Insights are formed based on comprehensive analysis of business strategies, acquisition philosophy, organizational structure, decision processes, key personnel, key relationships, financial stability, critical suppliers and all other critical information.