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Joint Strike Missile

Lone Star Analysis assisted the Norwegian Ministry of Defence as it completed a critical phase of testing for the Joint Strike Missile, through the analytics company’s Program and System Advisory Solution.


The Norwegian Ministry of Defence supported by OSD was having difficulty making progress in qualification and integration of the Joint Strike Missile (JSM). These steps are critical precursors to the integration of the missile on the Joint Strike Fighter (F-35), which is of national importance to the defense of Norway.


Lone Star assembled a world-class team with extensive weapon development, integration, and testing experience. The team constructed an integrated master plan and detailed schedule to meet the required deadline for JSM Qualification and Tech Demo. Lone Star contracted with US agencies for execution of the work, operating as an Integrated Product Team.


The program, which was two years behind schedule prior to Lone Star’s engagement, is now on track to meet all critical milestones.
In addition to saving millions of dollars in program costs by avoiding schedule slips, the JSM is ready for integration on the F-35 Joint Strike Fighter.

Lone Star Analysis Provides Support to NORMOD During Joint Strike Missile Testing

“We could not have completed

this program without your help”

– Norwegian Ministry
of Defence